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Year 3 – Cadet


The Year 3 Programme is designed for students desiring to enter into ministry. Due to the nature of this course, all students will be required to participate in practical ministry within their local ministry for which they will receive credits.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to understand the Word of God within its proper context.
  • Developing relations.
  • Develop your skills as a public speaker and how to prepare sermons.
  • Identify demonic spirits and how to deliver those held in bondages.
  • Discovering God’s will and purpose for your life and how that life fits
    into God’s eternal purpose.
  • And so much more!!!


Biblical Exegesis

This course stresses the importance of proper spiritual foundations for life and ministry by focusing on foundations of the Christian faith identified in Hebrews 6:1: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.

  • Explain the six basic doctrines of the Christian faith listed in Hebrews 6:1-3.
  • Establish a proper spiritual foundation in your own life.
  • Go on to spiritual maturity.
Social Roles & Responsibilities

This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts.  Students are guided in discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the Body of Christ.

  • List various names and titles of the Holy Spirit.
  • Identify emblems representing the Holy Spirit.
  • Describe the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Explain how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • List and define the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Identify your spiritual gift(s).
  • Identify the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Identify the works of the flesh.
  • Develop the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.
Speech Communication & Homiletics

This course explains how God speaks to men today and how to find His general and specific plans for life.  A Christian model for decision making is presented, along with guidelines for overcoming wrong decisions, steps to take if you have missed the will of God, and methods for dealing with questionable practices.

  • Explain the relationship between knowing God’s voice and determining His will.
  • Discuss the importance of knowing God’s will.
  • Explain how God reveals His will.
  • Understand the will of God as revealed in Scriptures.
  • Determine the will of God in matters not specifically dealt with in Scriptures.
  • Use Scriptural methods of decision making.
  • Correct wrong decisions.
  • Explain the six stages of revelation.
  • Share with others the Biblical guidelines for knowing God’s voice.
Deliverance - Possess the Land

A study of all the Bible teaches about divine healing.  Complete guidelines for receiving and ministering healing.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the natural and spiritual realms.
  • Define “spiritual warfare.”
  • Identify the reason for the invisible war.
  • State the basic principle for understanding spiritual warfare.
  • Define “divine healing.”
  • Distinguish between healing and deliverance.
  • Explain how healing and deliverance are related to the commission to reach the world with the Gospel.
  • Identify the source of sickness.
  • Explain the reasons for sickness.
  • Identify types of sickness.
  • List the end results of sickness.
  • Summarize the Biblical basis of healing.
  • List the purposes of healing.
  • Understand and use the gifts of healing.
  • Respond to traditions of men regarding healing.
  • Deal with unanswered questions regarding healing.
  • Minister and receive healing.
  • Minister and receive deliverance.
  • Prepare people for the ultimate healing.
  • Conduct follow‑up ministries for healing and deliverance.
  • Summarize guidelines for living as a well warrior.
  • Wage effective warfare in the battle for the body.
Intercessory Prayer

An intercessory prayer guide that includes guidelines on how to pray, what to pray for, when not to pray, resources for prayer, international intercession and factors that hinder prayer.

  • Define prayer.
  • Explain how prayer is answered.
  • Summarize the role of prayer in the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Identify the levels of prayer.
  • Identify the different types of prayer.
  • Define intercessory prayer.
  • Explain the Biblical basis of the believer’s ministry as an intercessor.
  • Identify Jesus Christ as our model for intercession.
  • Describe how intercession is done.
  • Explain why intercession is important.
  • Use spiritual resources for intercession, including delegated power and authority, binding and loosing, the Name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and fasting.
  • Explain how to intercede.
  • Summarize principles for effective intercession.
Minister's Practical Ministry

You will discover how to be an excellent steward of that which the Lord has entrusted with your care. You will develop a spirit of excellence.

Life Management 1-3

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Biblical Management

A review of Biblical management principles with emphasis on servant leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.

  • Define management.
  • Identify spiritual resources over which believers are managers.
  • Identify the main requirement for stewards.
  • Identify the greatest example of spiritual leadership.
  • Summarize what the ministry of management includes.
  • Identify Biblical positions of leadership.
  • Explain how spiritual gifts are used in ministry.
  • Explain how leaders work together in ministry.
  • Recognize the importance of anointing in spiritual leadership.
  • List qualifications for spiritual leaders.
  • Explain how to lead like a servant.
  • Explain how to lead like a shepherd.
  • Summarize the tasks of leaders.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to make decisions.
  • Use Biblical guidelines to deal with conflicts and discipline.
  • Train leaders and followers.
  • Turn failures into success.
  • Apply Biblical principles of success.
  • Identify the costs of leadership.
  • Explain the true test of spiritual leadership.

The Gospel of the Kingdom spreads throughout the world as leaven in bread dough.  The leaven is small and hidden but its impact is unlimited.  Effective evangelism strategies are taught, including detailed instruction on the deliverance ministry, church planting, and techniques of networking between ministries.

  • Explain the mandate of evangelism.
  • Summarize the message of evangelism.
  • Identify the messengers of evangelism.
  • Identify the recipients of the message.
  • Communicate the Gospel to others.
  • Summarize New Testament principles of evangelism.
  • Summarize New Testament parables of evangelism.
  • Do personal evangelism.
  • Deal with difficulties you encounter in evangelism.
  • Reach an entire area by saturation evangelism.
  • Conduct mass evangelism.
  • Follow up new converts.
  • Make plans for evangelism.
  • Network with others for evangelism.
  • Summarize what the Bible teaches about healing and deliverance.
  • Explain variables that affect healing.
  • “As you go, heal.”
  • “As you go, deliver.”
  • Describe the New Testament model for church planting.
  • Follow New Testament methods to plant churches.
  • Follow New Testament methods to multiply churches.


Biblical Worldview

This course examines the Biblical world view from Genesis through Revelation.  God’s plan for the nations of the world from beginning of time detailed.  Current worldwide spiritual need is also presented.


  • View the world as God views it.
  • Summarize what the Bible teaches about the world.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the plan of God for the nations.
  • Assume your role in extending the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the world.
  • Become a “World Christian.”
  • Minister through international intercession.
  • Share the Biblical world view with others.
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9 Months

40 Credits

80% Attendance
Completed Year 2

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